Top five famous “Irish” celebrities who are not Irish at all

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Mickey Rooney, who died on Sunday, April 6, was the son of Joseph Yule (originally Ewell), born in Glasgow, Scotland. Mickey's given name was Joseph Yule, Jr. He took Mickey Rooney after his mother wanted to call him Mickey Looney to enchance his comedian career.

Hulk Hogan, the famous American wrestler’s real name is Terry Gene Bollea. He was born in Augusta, GA and is of Italian, French, and Panamanian heritage.

John Kerry is a Catholic from Massachusetts but his family's roots lie in Judaism. His grandfather Fritz Kohn and Fritz's brother Otto were living in Vienna in 1901 when, suffering greatly under the anti-Semitism that prevailed in Europe, Fritz decided to shed his Jewish-sounding name. He dropped a pencil on a map of Ireland and it landed on County Kerry. Fritz changed his name to Frederick Kerry.

Meg Ryan Known for her famously good lunch alongside Billy Crystal in “When Harry met Sally,” Meg Ryan’s given name is Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra. Although she does have some Irish heritage her family name Hyra is Polish.

Julianne Moore with that red hair and Irish last name? She’s Scottish. The US actress was born Julie Anne Smith.
She was born to an American father and Scottish mother in California. In 2011 she claimed British citizenship to honor her dead mother.

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