Yes, Irish Sisters Imports is actually run by "Irish Sisters." Irish Sisters is a family owned Irish gift shop located in historic Geneva, Illinois. If you happen to visit this charming shop you will more than likely meet Peggy O'Connell. Irish Sisters' goal is to furnish their community with trustworthy and friendly service while providing Irish gift items in a warm and cozy atmosphere. (If you stopped by the shop you would understand just how cozy the atmosphere is). The Irish Sisters offer a variety of Irish gifts. These gifts range from larger items such as traditional knit sweaters, sweatshirts, hats, celtic jewelry, Belleek china and a variety of crystal, to smaller items such as traditional Irish music and Irish tea. In addition to the hundreds of items offered in their store and on the Irish Sisters can order more items to meet your needs. If you can't find what you are looking for simply ask Peggy (either by email or telephone) and she will be more than happy to try and locate the item you would like. Peggy and Michael learned that an Irish gift shop was up for sale near their home town. They were immediately interested. Owning an Irish Gift shop seemed to be an excellent opportunity for them. Peggy has always loved interacting with people and shopping for Irish novelties and Michael, has always been interested in running a small shop. As a result, Peggy and Michael decided to delve into this family-owned