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    ■ Premium Irish Merino Wool blend - This cape will keep you protected from the harsh winds of the fall and winter seasons with Merino wool blend. This wool is known for its strength, breathability, and softness.

    ■ Elegant Herringbone Pattern - Making this wool poncho effortlessly sharp and elegant is the refined herringbone pattern that dresses it up with mesmerizing, geometric movement. This pattern shows off two tones that create a subtle contrast that pleases the eye.

    ■ Button Detail - Complementing the chic flap collar of this poncho are three brown football buttons that follow the asymmetrical collar off to the side, adding to the trendy asymmetrical effect that is unique and fashion-forward.

    ■ Asymmetric Collar - The asymmetric folded collar of this cape beautifully frames the neck, adding dimension and natural elegance that will flatter any woman.

    Premium Irish Merino Wool blend 

    Herringbone Pattern

    Asymmetric Collar